Berra Life

18 Years of Experience and Trust

Berra Life

A Peaceful Life Awaits You in Konyaaltı Hurma, Antalya’s Most Popular District!


  • 10 Luxury Apartments

  • 8843 Ada 4 Parsel

  • 2+1 75-100 m2

  • 3+1 135 m2

  • 4+1 Dublex 240 m2

  • Pool
  • Built-in Set

  • Parking Garage

  • Earthquake-resistant Construction

  • Floor Heating

  • Air conditioning

  • Lacquered Door

  • Automatic Shutter System

  • 5 minutes to Konyaalti Beach.

  • Hurma/Konyaaltı/Antalya

We invite you to a holiday-like life in Hurma, in the heart of Konyaaltı...

Berra Life

Our newly built Berra Life Residence project is located in Hurma District of Antalya Konyaaltı district. Antalya Konyaalti beach is 2 minutes away by car, Antalya City Center is 10 minutes away from the castle. is in the distance. With our Berra Life Residence project, we not only offer a luxurious living space to our valued customers, but also, with the slogan “Right life, right investment”, all you have to do is have a pleasant time as the house you have purchased increases in value day by day. We all have the right to a holiday-like life… #BerraLife #BerraLifeResidence #ipektengrup #ipektenmimarlık

A Life Like a Holiday

We’re shaping the future with our safe, comfortable, and modern structures.

Happy Home, Happy Life

The right investment – the right life

Our Berra Life Project is located in Konyaaltı, one of the central districts of Antalya, 10-15 minutes on foot from Konyaaltı Beach. Due to its location, it is a unique opportunity for our customers who want to live and invest.

We would be happy to host you, our valued guests, in our Konyaalti head office.

What Those Who Prefer Us Feel:

Smiles 100%
Trust 100%
On-time Delivery 100%
Customer Satisfaction 100%

Konyaaltı Beach

  • 2 km. away

  • 10 minutes walking distance to Konyaalti beach

  • 5 minutes by car

Brief information about Antalya

The region covered by the province of Antalya, which is a historical and tourism paradise, has hosted many civilizations from prehistoric times to the present and is the province with the most ancient cities in Turkey. Through history, it has been controlled by Lycians, Lydians, Pamphyllians, Pergamons, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk Dynasty, Ottomans and finally the Republic of Turkey in the current day. Antalya is a tourism city that keeps its charm year-round. With its world-famous beaches, streams, waterfalls, caves and wonderful activities, the Taurus Mountains provide millions of tourists with joyful moments every year. Contact us to be a part of this life, too. .

More information about the history and beauty of Antalya can be found on Wikipedia.

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A 18-Year Adventure

As the Ipekten Group family:

We have put our blood, sweat, and tears into our work, never compromising on quality. Because we love the work we do, and have been designing and implementing designs with passion, becoming a large family in the process.We are growing day by day with love and respect and we are moving towards our goals with sure steps.

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