Myra Park Residence

18 Years of Experience and Trust

Myra Park Residence

A Popular, Prestigious Project With Historical Beauties Surrounding It, Coolness and Closeness to the City Center.


Myra Park Residence Döşemealtı İpekten Mimarlık ve İnşaat
  • 2.640 m2 / 30 Apartment

  • 511 Ada 16 Parsel
  • Nature View

  • 1+1 | 2+1 | 3+1

  • Earthquake Resistant Structure

  • Swimming pool

  • Kitchen Built-in Set (3)
  • Parking Garage

  • Gym

  • Children’s play area

  • Lacquer Door

  • Electric Shutter

  • Landscape Area

  • Laminate flooring

  • Yeniköy – Döşemealtı – Antalya

We invite you to a holiday-like life in Döşemealtı, which is famous for its history and nature...

Myra Park Res.

Our newly built Myra Park project is located in Yeniköy, Antalya Döşemealtı. It is 2 km from Döşemealtı Center and 15 km from Antalya City Center. With our Myra Park Residence project, we not only offer a luxurious living space to our valued customers, but also spend a pleasant time, as the house you have purchased with the slogan “The right life is the right investment” adds value to its value every day. We all deserve a life like a holiday…

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Live the vacation life

We are building the future with our safe, comfortable and modern structures.

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Right Investment Right Life

Our Myra Park Residence Project, which is 2 km away from Döşemealtı in the central districts of Antalya, Our Myra Park Residence project, which is 15 km away from Antalya Center and the beach, also offers you a holiday-like life. 15-20 minutes by car to Antalya Center and Beach. Our project, which is at a distance, is the new favorite of Döşemealtı, as it is far from the noise of the city but so close to the city… Some historical places around and places with nature views are at the link…

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We would be happy to welcome you, our valued guests, in our Konyaaltı Headquarters.

Feelings of Those Who Prefer Us;

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To Antalya Center

  • 15 km to the beach

  • Antalya City Center 15-20 min.

myra park residence
myra park residence

Brief Information About Antalya

The region covered by the province of Antalya, a historical and tourism paradise, has hosted many civilizations from prehistoric times to the present and is the province with the most ancient cities in Turkey. They are Lycians, Lydians, Pamphyllians, Pergamons, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk Dynasty, Ottomans and finally the Republic of Turkey, respectively. Antalya is a tourism city that maintains its vitality for 4 seasons. The Taurus Mountains, with its world-famous beaches, streams, waterfalls, caves, and amazing activities, provide millions of tourists with joyful moments every year. Contact us to be a part of this life too.

For detailed information about Antalya, you can check Wikipedia.

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We have put our blood, sweat, and tears into our work, never compromising on quality. Because we love the work we do, and have been designing and implementing designs with passion, becoming a large family in the process.We are growing day by day with love and respect and we are moving towards our goals with sure steps.