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Ipekten Architecture has a vision for carrying on tradion by modernizing it. We specialize in approaching projects with creativity and a research-driven methods, all aimed toward meeting today’s needs. With broad experience, ranging from mass housing to commercial buildings and from large-scale urban design to religious buildings, we carry out more than 50 projects per year.

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İpekten Architecture, which adopts the principle of producing sustainable and permanent buildings with high standards and high aesthetic values that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We direct our designs with the awareness of constructing sustainable spaces that live with people and can change according to their needs when necessary.

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With 15 years of experience, Ipekten Architecture is a leader in creating durable, safe, and comfortable buildings.

Project Design

As Ipekten Architecture, we offer turnkey planning and application services for your existing properties or houses.

Urban Transformation

The process of urban transformation is now much easier with Ipekten Architecture’s professional team. Consult with us before making any devicions with regard to urban transformation.

Real Estate

Ipekten Architecture is pleased to be at your side in order to offer solutions in any location or home through Ipekten Real Estate

Ipekten Technology

With its Vodafone Corporate Dealership, it is one of the two such companies in the Mediterranean region. Ipekten Technology grows its investments and experiences in internet 3.0 areas day by day in order to keep up with the ever-evolving age.

Ipekten Art

We welcome people of all ages to Ipekten Art – an Art Cafe which supports the arts by creating a space for painting, music, dance, and theater.

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A 18-Year Adventure

As the Ipekten Group family;

We have put our blood, sweat, and tears into our work, never compromising on quality. Because we love the work we do, and have been designing and implementing designs with passion, becoming a large family in the process.We are growing day by day with love and respect and we are moving towards our goals with sure steps.

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We’re shaping the future with our safe, comfortable, and modern structures.

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